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Licensed to please

Did you know that there are girls in London who have been licensed to please? Should you happen to find yourself all alone on a dark and cold night in London, and in the need of someone female company, you can always rely on London escorts. If you are not familiar with escorts in London, […]

Building up attraction to a girl

White City escorts of finds out that men who have crush on a girl were seems to be obsess over them. The idea of always wanting that woman to be seen most of the time, her presence counts a lot and what you really wanting for is to be with her all the time. […]

London Mr. Fix It

I have been living and working in London for a few years now, and I have come to appreciate how much work it is to be London escorts. The girls always seem to be working, and I have locally become as their Mr Fix It. It all started one night when one of the London escorts […]

Ascot escorts are here to stay

Non one thought that our escorts agency was going to work, says Lucy from Ascot escorts, but we are doing really well. A lot of the locals are using us now, and that has made a huge difference to our business. Getting started was a bit slow, but now we seem to be up […]

Some regular girls in Basildon

Are you visiting London on a flying visit or bachelor party? If you are visiting London this summer, and want to have some serious fun with some hot girls, you should check out Basildon escorts. Dating escorts in other parts of London can be really expensive, and it might be better to start of […]

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Ewan McGregor was offered, but turned down, the part of Neo in the Matrix. Will Smith was also approached to play Neo but turned it down in order make Wild Wild West.