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Licensed to please

Did you know that there are girls in London who have been licensed to please? Should you happen to find yourself all alone on a dark and cold night in London, and in the need of someone female company, you can always rely on London escorts. If you are not familiar with escorts in London, […]

What to do with Meghan’s family

I don’t normally feel sorry for people who their bread buttered on both sides, but I do feel sorry for Megan Markle. Her family seems to be a complete mess, and I don’t think that they are making her a very happy Duchess. I wish that they would leave her alone, or just accept that […]

Promote and Prevent Fertility

  It’s often been said that if men needed to bear children, the world would have an extremely modest population. Women are the ones that have to carry a baby for nine months and suffer through labor as they have a stronger constitution! The majority of women wish to have children at some time in […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

Quote of the Day

Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.
Helen Keller

Fun Facts

The most fatal car accidents occur on Saturday.