Getting rejected from girls or having them turn you down

We’ll all that is going to stop. Cause today I’m going to talk to you about handling that rejection the Hillbilly way. You got to understand something’ you aren’t the only person that ever been rejected before. No sir-e, I’ve got plenty of hogs on my farm that don’t want to mate with no other ones. Now this kind of thing happens all the time so don’t feel like you’re alone said by the girls from Angel Escorts.

Getting rejected by a little missy might make you feel down but that is perfectly normal. For some reason we think that feeling sad is always a bad thing. I’ll have you know that I’ve written three of my best songs when I was sad. “Girl, you may be leaving me but I still got your cat”.

Turn those negative feelings into something positive. Just because you aren’t got her don’t mean you can’t have fun with the situation. Now I’m gone’ get all philosophical on you here, the loss of cloning her pleasure just aren’t the source of your happiness said by the girls from Angel Escorts. No, no, no, happiness is something you create. If you allow yourself to be happy before you ask out the girl, if she says no you’ll still happy. Dang flab bit, I know its hard buyout just got to learn to not take impersonal. “No matter how fast you run I’m still going to catch you with my beat up, pick-up truck”.

The reason she’s saying no aren’t because you’re a bad person it’s because she don’t know how good of a person you really are said by the girls from Angel Escorts of My gran-pappy from the civil war General Whiskers always used to say “People are allowed to say no”. And that don’t make them bad people neither. When you ask her out, do it from a place of confidence.

Oh, I’ll tell you boy. Women like that a whole lot. And if that girl tell you something like, “I think we’re better off as friends “partner well, you just let that one be. “Don’t be afraid to lose your girl, even if she’s your cousin”. Boy, tell me how it makes sense to force her to do something’ that she don’t want to do? Besides if that girl becomes your friend she can introduce you to them other country girls out there. Have her build the bridge sand the barns to get to the other ladies said by the girls from Angel Escorts. Always turn a negative into a positive.

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