How Gatwick Escort saves me from my messy life


Every one of us has dark secrets and choose to keep it in ourselves. Life is not perfect especially if you were born poor. Even how much I want to forget my life, past keep hunting me and remind where I start. My name is Jhea Court, I live in Chicago for twenty-six years of my life. I have a family but wish I don’t. I have seen many families but not like mine. Parents use to be responsible to their child, but what happened is they are irresponsible. They are supposed to find a job and feed us, but instead of going to school, I work at a young age and feed the family. My parents are not on good terms; my mother knows that my dad was to have an affair, but she kept mum and allow it. I don’t know what the stupid reason behind that is, but both of them are useless.


My mother is an alcoholic woman, and she only went home drunk and rude to me. She used to beat me when I cannot give her money to buy her alcohol. My father doesn’t come home every day, but anytime he wants. I cried every day and night, wishing someone saved me from this nightmare. At the age of seventeen, I have a boyfriend. He is a single parent and a bit old. He gave me money and used me. I never mind it since nobody helps me. He promises me everything, and I trusts it. Until he pregnant me and when he knew it, he runs like a cheetah and never came back. I was so depressed and alone; I don’t know what to do.


My parents scolded me and let me out of the house. I sleep on the street, and one woman came to me for help. She brought me to the hospital when I’m in labor. I am so pleased and grateful to her, she even paid the bills and brought me to her home. She is the only person on her house; she doesn’t have a husband nor child. And I am so lucky that for the first time someone has helped me. I asked her if I can leave my baby for the primary time and I’ll look for a job. I fly to Gatwick, one of the beautiful places in London to apply as a Gatwick Escorts. I was accepted and undergone training. My work helps me to overcome my problems and forget the past. I have earned money and save for our future. Eventually, my life is comfortable now and continue my career. And it’s all because of becoming a Gatwick Escorts from

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