There is always summer somewhere in the world

Sometimes, when I go into my London escorts boudoir, I wish that I could follow swallow and fly away with them. One of my favorite gents at London escorts had done so a few months ago. After his rather bitter divorce, he had become disillusioned with life in the UK, and left for warmer climates at the time, he had offered me to follow him in his flight, but I was not ready yet. I was hooked on my job, or so I thought.

After a couple months of Alan leaving and more rain in London than you could imagine, I felt that I had made the wrong decision. I loved this man, and my days at London escorts services were full of thoughts of him. A deep desire to see him again was burning in my heart. Fortunately I knew that I could get in touch by email, and let him know that I missed him. On the walk into work that morning, I made a promise with myself to do as soon as I came home from work that evening.

No sooner had I come through the door and thrown my umbrella in the sink, when I fired up my trusted lap top. Within minutes, I had sent him an emotionally charged message and asked to come to see him. The angels must have been smiling down on me that day, as within minutes a message came back… It read “My favorite girl from London escorts can always come to see me”. Without further thought, I booked my ticket to Spain.

Three days later as the plane touched down in Malaga, I felt that London escorts were millions of miles away from me. To be honest, I almost ran through the customs not thinking at all about the people around me. Soon, I saw Nick standing there. He looked tanned, healthy and super sexy. Throwing my arms around him, I let him feel my desire well up in me. My fellow travelers on the flight seemed to sense that it was a special moment, many of the smiled and nodded, but I could only hang on for dear life. Perhaps that is how true love should always be.

The drive from Malaga airport to his hillside villa in Torremolinos seemed to take ages. I could not really keep my hands off him. My desire for him was raw and passionate, and we ended up erupting in his hall. That night, I told him that I had left London escorts behind, and that I wanted only him in my life. He just nodded, and the entire episode has become a cherished memory. As I sit here looking out over the bay of Torremolinos, I know that I have made the right decision. Not every day is about sipping Cava and expressing our desire for each other, but every day is about new life and new beginnings. Sometimes we all need a little bit of that.

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