What to do with Meghan’s family

I don’t normally feel sorry for people who their bread buttered on both sides, but I do feel sorry for Megan Markle. Her family seems to be a complete mess, and I don’t think that they are making her a very happy Duchess. I wish that they would leave her alone, or just accept that you behave in a certain way when a family member has married into the Royal Family.


Her half sister seems to be a complete loudmouth and I can totally understand why Meghan did not invite her to her wedding. I don’t think that I would have done so neither to be honest. At the same time, I am pretty sure that Meghan is used to this sort of thing, and it may not bother her too much. The other girls here at Gatwick escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/gatwick-escorts are all saying the same thing, and we all think that Meghan may just surprise us all one day.


Although her half sister is a problem, I think that she will eventually go away. Some of the comments she is making at the moment simply do not make sense, and eventually I think that her sister is going to have to give it. I am pretty certain that a lot of people that she is beginning to sound a little bit silly now, and that she is only trying to spin a tale and make a name for herself. I was speaking to one of my colleagues here at Gatwick escorts last night, and we both said that Meghan’s family do not seem to have any common sense apart from her mom.


What about her dad? He strikes me as rather a simple man, and I think that he is trying to cash in on the situation. I thought that he would keep his head down after the wedding, but he is back, and he is being more vocal than ever before. The things that he is saying now are just silly, and I do wonder if he appreciates how silly he sounds. He had every chance to come to the wedding, but I have this feeling that he did not really want to. The other girls at Gatwick escorts agree with me.


I hope that her family does not ruin her life with Harry. At first I thought that they were trying to break them up, but I have changed my mind about that now. They are just trying to make a name for themselves and on top of that, they are in it for the money. One of the girls here at Gatwick escorts said it is a little bit like they are trying to get some sort of pay off. It is done in the United States of America,  but what not is known as hush agreements are seldom seen in the UK. I am pretty sure it is not going to happen, and that the extended family’s quest for money is going to go on unfulfilled.

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